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How To Treat My Cat'S Cold At Home

Cover a heating pad or a hot water bag in blankets, and place it around the cat’s body. Do not let your cat come into direct contact with the heat source as it can cause burn injuries. Your cat should be able to distance itself from the heat source easily. Also, keep your cat indoors and away from drafty areas in the house. 3.

Eating Right Mild infections may be self-limiting, and your veterinarian may recommend home care. Eye and nasal discharge Gently wipe away eye and nasal discharge with a warm, damp cloth or gauze. Saline nasal sprays may be used on your cat to. Keep your cat with you in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. The humidity can help relieve nasal congestion. If the air in your home is dry (during winter for example), use a humidifier to help relieve airway irritation. Reduce your cat’s stress during recovery.

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